Week 5: DevNation Conference

Day 1

On arrival met with with my mentor, Laura, and Paul.
Lightning Talks

Breakout Sessions

  • CDK 2.0: Docker, Kubernetes, and OSE on your desk
  • Developer meet designer
  • A quick guide to .NET development on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

DevNation CodeStarter: an evening of Kubernetes hacking with Google Cloud Platform

Day 2
  • Optimizing code for modern processors
  • Developing in Python on Red Hat platforms
  • You've got microservices... Let's secure them
  • 7 must-try user experience tactics for developers
Day 3
  • An introduction to Node.js for Java developers
  • Write powerful Javascript modules to make your apps DRY
  • Full stack development with Node.js and NoSQL
  • The 9 habits of highly effective development teams