Week 3: Pathes Everywhere

During this week I managed to test a bunch of different rpmbuild combinations. rmpbuild is used to compile a custom kernel --with or --without certain components.

rpmbuild --target x86_64 --without debuginfo --without perf --without tools  

For example the command above will compile the kernel for the --target architecture x86_64 --without any debug information --without perf tools and --without any other tools. That is one of the many possible combinations. I did not test all of them checkout the my github page for some of my notes.

I sent patches for a batch of patches for scripts needed to be deleted like allarchconfig.sh,rediffall.sh and bumspec.py. All of which got accepted right away. You can see a list of all the patches that have been accepted here.

I got some feedback for the rest of the scripts and will be updating those soon.